How to get boob crosshairs in Valorant

The Nerd Glass scope is one of several scopes that have become popular since the Valorant 5.04 update. During its hype period, some mischievous players have modified the popular crosshair to create a new crosshair called the Boobs crosshair. As the name suggests, the crosshair is shaped like a woman’s breasts. To make the Boobs crosshair in Valorant, you must turn off the center, outer lines and outlines, while keeping the inside.

Note. Please be aware that neither ProGameGuides nor the author endorses or promotes any NSFW/sexual content. The guidebook is for entertainment purposes only and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Code Valorant Boobs Crosshair

Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

The fastest way to get the prescribed crosshair is to enter the following code.

Valorant Boobs crosshair settings

General crosshair settings

color code #F1C27D
contours On the
Outline Opacity 0.5
Outline thickness one
center point turned off
Center point opacity
Center point thickness
Override firing error offset with crosshair offset turned off
Override all primary scopes with my scope offset turned off

Internal lines

Show internal lines On the
Internal line opacity one
Internal line length L-10, R-0
Inner line thickness ten
Internal Line Offset four
Motion error turned off
Shooting error On the
Error multiplier 0.309

External lines

Show external lines On the
outer line opacity one
External line length L-1, R-0
Outer line thickness one
Outline Offset 9
Motion error turned off
Shooting error turned off

Is the aim good?

No, the crosshair is not doing well due to its wide design and curved shape. Limit crosshair use in custom or random matches against friends.

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