How to get Dark Leg V2 in King Legacy – Roblox

King Legacy is one of the most popular One Piece inspired adventure games on the Roblox platform. Since the game is based on One Piece lore, most of the offensive abilities are related to characters from the original series. One such sought-after ability is Dark Leg, which is Sanji’s main offensive move. Although this ability was originally present in the game, a second variant called Dark Leg V2 was added in a recent update. To get Dark V2 in King Legacy, you need to learn a skill from Master of Dark Leg for $30 million.

Criteria for learning Dark Leg V2 in Roblox King Legacy

Before learning a real skill, you need to make sure that it meets the criteria. To get the Dark Leg V2 ability, you must master Weapon Haki V2 and Observation Haki V2.

How to learn Dark Leg V2 in King Legacy

After learning both skills, make sure you also have an extra 30 million beli in your account as tuition fees. Now visit the Marineford V2 building where you learned the Observation Haki skill. Instead of going to the center of the top of the building, go to the place where the cannons are located on the outer edge of the tower. Near one of the canons you will find the NPC Master Of Dark Leg. Pay him 30 million beli and you will immediately learn the ability.

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