How to get 1000 gold bars in one match in Fortnite

In Fortnite, players will need gold bars to purchase consumables, weapons, and other items from NPCs. While there are plenty of ways to get gold bars in the game, getting around 1000 in every match can be tricky. You will need to strategize properly and use multiple POIs in each match to maximize your gold collection. Here are a few tricks that players can use to collect more gold bars in Fortnite. 

Best Ways to Farm Gold Bars in Fortnite

Gold bars can be obtained by opening chests, safes, cash registers, from sharks, destroying players and in other ways. However, players won’t have time to check every room of every building in the POI. To save time, you can ram these houses with a vehicle. Modify the vehicle with a Chonkers tire and a cow trap and start destroying buildings at the main points of interest. In addition, players can use the battle bus to destroy buildings. The loot from these houses will eventually fall to the ground and you can collect it while staying inside the vehicle.

You can also collect gold bars by planting and collecting seeds of reality. They can offer a large amount of gold bars for each match. It is best to plant the Seeds of Reality in an isolated area so that opponents cannot steal the loot. Likewise, players will often stumble upon areas where opponents have been fighting. Usually there are gold bars that are easy enough to collect. When you see two opponents fighting, it’s ideal to wait nearby until one of them is eliminated before engaging in combat.

The best places to find safes in Fortnite

Players can efficiently loot safes throughout the map to collect gold bars in every match. Major POIs such as Tilted Towers, Rave Cave, Daily Bugle, Condo Canyon, Coney Crossroads, and Sleepy Sound have several safes that players can loot. The image above shows the areas where players will find many safes and cash registers. Be sure to visit these areas to quickly stock up on gold bars in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.

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