How to display all rows in Excel

Displaying all rows in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is as easy as pressing a keyboard shortcut or using a button on the ribbon. We’ll show you how.

How to display all rows in Excel using a shortcut

To display hidden rows in a spreadsheet, run the spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel. Then access the worksheet where you have the hidden content.

Select the entire sheet by pressing Ctrl+A (Windows) or Command+A (Mac). Alternatively, click the Select All button in the upper left corner of the worksheet.

Select "Select All" in the top left corner of the worksheet.

While your worksheet is selected, display all rows with this keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+9. Or, right-click the selected cell and choose “Show” from the menu.

How to display all rows and columns in Excel

Alternatively, on the Excel Home tab on the ribbon, select Format > Hide and Show > Show Rows. This also works for

Choose Format > Hide & Show > Show Rows or Show Columns.

Excel will make all your hidden rows visible in the spreadsheet again. Ready.

How to display specific rows in Excel

To show only certain rows while leaving all other hidden items invisible, use the following method.

To display a specific row, click the row header above the hidden row. For example, to display a row 6, click the title of the row 5.

Select the row above the hidden row.

Now press and hold the Shift key on your keyboard and click on the header of the row that is below the hidden row. In the example above, you’ll click the row header 7(by holding down the Shift key).

Note. Holding down the Shift key clicks the row header because this selects all the rows between the items you selected. This also selects your hidden content which you will show in the next step.

Hold down the Shift key and select the line that is below the hidden line.

Right-click on the title of the selected row and select “Show” from the open menu.

Select "Show" from the menu.

That’s all. Excel has shown the content you selected, and now you can work with it the way you want.

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