How to cancel enemy skills in The DioField Chronicles

Enemies in The DioField Chronicles always pose some sort of threat because of one thing: skills. Enemy skills often have a long range and do a lot of damage, especially on higher difficulty levels. Your units are also too slow to avoid most of them. Sometimes you can’t even run away if multiple enemies activate their skills at the same time.

The good news is that skills take time to “cast” and can be cancelled. Here’s how.

How to stop enemy skills in The DioField Chronicle

To cancel an enemy skill, simply use a skill or attack him with a weapon that can give him a status ailment preventing him from doing anything. Some common examples are stun, freeze, and taunt. Status diseases won’t always land, so make sure at least two characters can perform a “skill violation”. This way, if your first attempt fails, you have a second character that can stop the skill while the other one is on cooldown.

On top of that, you can also use the cavalier to push the enemy back and change their attack range. However, this method will only work against melee enemies. The target of an arrow or spell skill will not change no matter how far the enemy is pushed.

All skills that cancel enemy skills in The DioField Chronicle

Please note that this is an updatable list. We will add more skills as the game progresses.

Sword and shield






The skills a character can use depend on the weapon equipped, so be sure to review them before purchasing.

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