How to find a quality bone in Monster Hunter World

In Monster Hunter World, quality bone is an uncommon material used in many crafting recipes. It is used to upgrade both master and high rank weapons, as well as some amulets and armor. Below you can find out how to find quality bone and the best way to farm it in Monster Hunter World.

Where to Find Quality Bone in Monster Hunter World

A quality bone is an uncommon bone that can be found in Bonepiles at High Rank and Master Rank locations in all locations. If you want to get quality bones, your best bet is to go on high rank expeditions and gather in Bones. Look for any location that has the Upsurge: Bonepile effect, as this will increase the chance of bone drops,

How to Farm Quality Bone in Monster Hunter World

Besides just going on expeditions, you can get a quality bone from Tailraider Safaris. The two Tailraider safaris that reward Quality Bones are in the Coral Highlands and Rotten Vale and are aimed at Raphinos. Also, any Tailraider safari that heads to the Bone Pile as one of the destinations has a chance to get quality bones.

Research that rewards Quality Dice in Monster Hunter World

High-ranking investigations into the case of the murder of Small Monsters are rewarded with a Quality Bone. Investigations on the hunt for Ghastadon, Shamos, Girros, and Raphinos have at least a 12% chance of getting quality bones as rewards at all ranks (Bronze, Silver, and Gold). 

Quests that reward Quality Bone in Monster Hunter World

Finally, these items have a small chance to drop as a reward from almost all high rank quests. To optimize your collection of quality bones, combine Tailraider safari, high rank quests, investigations and lucky vouchers into your hunting rotation. You should be able to quickly get the bones you need!

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