How to quickly get SP in The DioField Chronicle

SP or skill points are the resources you need if you want to upgrade or unlock new skills in your skill trees. There are four skill trees in total – one for each unit type in The DioField Chronicle – and they all share the same SP pool. If you want your units to reach maximum competence, you will need a lot of SP. After all, attacks can only do so much. Skills are what win battles in this game.

Can I grind SP in The DioField Chronicle?

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You cannot grind SP. SP is awarded to you if you successfully complete additional missions that you receive in your main and additional quests (for example, “No allies fell in battle”). Therefore, the fastest way to earn SP is to complete missions when you are ready to take on a challenge.

When you take on a quest and the side missions seem a little too hard at first, don’t worry. Just complete it! If you fail the missions, you can try again later in the Practice Battle mode. The practical fight table is in the same room as the Institute.

After two story battles, go to the “Practical fights” table and repeat the previous quest. You need to be leveled up enough to get through it quickly.

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The positive thing here is that since units of the same type share the same skill tree, many people immediately benefit from your upgrades. If you make a mistake with the SP allocation, you can reset everything with 10,000G. But since winning early battles is unlikely to reward you with 1/10th of that amount, it’s best to be careful where you put your SP.

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