By 2025, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite PS5 games in Honda Cars

Honda is quite active in enforcing electric vehicle regulations. Following the commercial success of the Honda E, a small urban hatchback with a range of 160 miles, the company established a dedicated EV policy aimed at gaining share of the EV market currently dominated by Tesla.

Earlier this year, Honda unveiled its 2030 policy. The popular car manufacturer, better known for its 4-cylinder civilian vehicles, aims to switch to 30 all-electric models by 2030. Electric vehicles will make up two-thirds of the total number of models in Honda’s lineup.

To celebrate the company’s vision for electric vehicles, Honda and Sony have signed a joint venture program, Sony Honda Mobility. The aim of the new alliance is to use Sony’s advanced technology resources and Honda’s proven engineering prowess in a modern electric vehicle.

Sony Honda Mobility EV Concept | HYPEBEAST

Speaking to the Financial Times, Izumi Kawanishi, Head of Mobile at Sony Honda, spoke about incorporating Sony entertainment services into cars: “Sony has content, services and entertainment technologies that move people. We’re adapting these assets for mobility, and that’s our strength against Tesla.”

Tesla has been a pioneer in bringing in-car entertainment services to its Model S, Model X and Model 3 vehicles. Through over-the-air (OTA) updates, TESLA has added games that drivers can play while the vehicle is stationary.

The PS5 has an extensive library of games with dedicated fans. Using PS5 resources, Sony Honda’s mobility team hopes to make a breakthrough in the consumer EV market.

According to TheGamer , to a Financial Times question from Cavanisha, the previous head of Sony’s AI robotics division. He stated that such a change is “technically possible”.

Sony Honda’s mobility team plans to launch its first electric vehicle in the North American market by 2025. An ambitious release date could go according to plan. Honda has already completed its first L3 Autonomy pilot project with the Lexus Legend. In November 2020, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism of Japan was granted permission for an unmanned vehicle for autonomous driving.

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