“It’s about my career, and the journey to where I am” – Lewis Hamilton confirms he’s making a documentary with Apple

Lewis Hamilton has confirmed that a documentary on him is in the works and will be broadcasted on Apple TV.

The documentary is being produced by Hamilton, Penni Thow, Box to Box Films, and One Community. It is said to feature full access to Hamilton and his team, on and off the track, along with a host of guest interviews.

Incidentally, Box to Box Films are also the producers of Netflix’s F1 series Drive To Survive, as well as the critically-acclaimed programs Senna and Maradona.

Speaking about the documentary, Lewis Hamilton admitted that it felt strange to have a camera follow him all the time. He did state, though, that he is taking part in it in hopes of inspiring the next generation with his life story.

“I thought I’d already announced it. Yeah, I’m producing my documentary, along with Apple. It feels strange having a camera pointing around, but it’s really about my life, it’s about my career, and the journey to where I am,” he said. (via Fastest Pitspot)

“With the hope of doing what Ayrton Senna’s documentary did for me as a kid. Maybe something new and fresh, hopefully this will be able to do that for the next young kid,” he added.

“We’re almost at the end of having a contract ready” – Lewis Hamilton on his Mercedes future

Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes contract expires at the end of the year. With no contract extension announced, it has led to speculation that he might move to a different team soon.

Most recently, it has been reported that Ferrari have begun negotiations to rope in Hamilton as Charles Leclerc’s teammate, pushing Carlos Sainz out of the team.

Lewis Hamilton, however, has confirmed that he is close to extending his stay with Mercedes and it could be made official in the coming weeks.

“Naturally, in contract negotiations there’s always going to be speculation. My team’s working closely behind the scenes with Toto. We’re almost at the end of having a contract ready. That’s what we’re working towards, so hopefully in the coming weeks. I’ve got a great team in the background doing all the work,” he said. (via News 18)

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff also laughed away all reports of Lewis Hamilton’s possible departure. He stated that he was not worried about the rumors as he is used to such news every time his contract with the Silver Arrows approaches its end. He told OE24:

“These rumors come up every two years when we have to sign a new contract. But none of this is true. We discuss normally, without any time pressure. I said that too. It’s just uncomfortable that two friends, two blood brothers who have been through thick and thin for ten years, suddenly have to discuss money.”

He added:

“I’m firmly convinced that we’ll find each other, there’s not a millimeter of doubt for me. I can’t imagine anything else. If we give Lewis a competitive car, he will win for a long time. Look at Tom Brady and what he was still capable of in his 40s.”

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