Is Sasaki to Miyano manga over? Status explained

Sasaki to Miyano is a franchise that is always very active: whether it’s the manga, the novels, or an anime adaptation that ran back in 2022, Sho Harusono’s franchise always has something going on. However, this popular Yaoi series can also suffer from having too much going on, with people sometimes forgetting its current state of affairs.

The combination of a phenomenal story and two compelling characters makes Sasaki to Miyano an outstanding product, although the constant output can be a bit overwhelming for newcomers. This has led to people not knowing if the manga is still going, has concluded, or something along those lines.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the Sasaki to Miyano manga.

All the details about the Sasaki to Miyano manga

Simply put, the Sasaki to Miyano manga is still ongoing and has nine volumes as of this writing. Sho Harusono started the series through the Pixiv Comic website in 2016. It has become one of the most successful modern Yaoi series, even going as far as having anime adaptations and a movie.

Part of the reason many people have asked if the manga has concluded is because of the success of the anime movie Sasaki to Miyano: Graduation, which came out in February 2023. This movie shows the two titular characters fully assuming their relationship and engaging in life while trying to overcome different challenges, which, in a way, continues what was already established in the manga.

However, it is also worth pointing out that Harusono explored a lot more in the source material. Yes, the novels, the movie, and the anime adaptation have all done a great job interpreting her work, but the manga is where most of their relationship is built and where audiences can enjoy them at their best.

The appeal of the series

A problem many Yaoi series tend to struggle with is that most relationships that are introduced never feel fully real. The characters often feel that they are meant to be together instead of being a natural progression, which, to be fair, is a problem with romance stories in general. The constant focus on the two characters as one instead of making them feel individual feels a bit unreal.

Sho Harusono is a capable writer, and with Sasaki to Miyano, she proves she knows how to write proper romance without falling into the classic tropes of the Shojo genre. Both Miyano and Sasaki are their own people instead of having the plot forcing them together, which makes their eventual connection and getting together all the more interesting.

This is shown from the get-go by how Harusono introduces them: Miyano starts as a guy who struggles with showing how he truly is, and Sasaki is often judged by others despite how open he is. In a way, they complement each other, but they both have their own journey to go through, and that is something that makes this romance work so well.

Final thoughts

Sasaki to Miyano is one of the best shojo and Yaoi manga out there and deserves all the attention it can get. For people into this sort of story, Sho Harusono is an extremely capable writer, which is evident in how this manga has developed over the years.

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