Is Riot down? What to do if Riot client is not working

Is Riot down? What to do if Riot client is not working

Sometimes, a platform like Riot just refuses to let you play the game that you want to enjoy, like Valorant. Instead of playing your game, you just get an error message. In some cases, you only need to reload the client and try again. But it’s also possible that Riot itself is down. Here’s what to do in both cases.

How to check if Riot is Down

You can check the official Riot Games Service Status site to check if Riot is down. From there you can check Current Messages. This will tell you if Riot Games has noted any current service interruptions. If there is nothing there, check Recently Closed to ensure the service problem hasn’t been recently remedied.

If there is nothing here on either side, it’s likely it is a problem on your end. Double-check in a few minutes in case Riot Games just hadn’t registered the problem when you first checked.

What to do if Riot isn’t working

If Riot isn’t working due to a problem on the side of Riot Games, you’ll need to wait it out. There is nothing you can do in this case. Riot Games will eventually fix the issue that led to the interruption, at which point you’ll be able to play again.

When there is a problem on your end, check your internet connection first. If that is fine, try fully restarting Riot. These two things will often remedy your connection issue. If not, restart your entire PC before trying Riot again.

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