Is High On Life cancelled?

Is High On Life cancelled?

High On Life became an instant hit on Xbox and Game Pass, featuring the humor and aesthetics of the hit show Rick and Morty. Despite its popularity, High On Life has become an interest of scrutiny after the CEO of the developing studio, Squanch Games, came under legal attention and charges. This may leave fans wondering if High On Life will be canceled.

Is High on Life being cancelled?

The answer is no—High On Life is not canceled and will continue. Squanch Games plans to continue supporting and improving High On Life. The game is still available for purchase or download via Game Pass as well. This announcement came from the official High On Life Twitter.

Is Justin Roiland still working on High On Life?

No, after the controversy and domestic violence charges, Justin Roiland resigned as CEO of Squanch Games. He no longer has anything to do with High On Life or the development studio. Fans of the title and Squanch Games’ other projects can continue to support the studio without fear of Roiland’s involvement with the development process.

Is Justin Roiland still with Rick and Morty

In addition to Squanch Games cutting ties with Justin Roiland, the Rick and Morty Twitter announced Adult Swim has also outed Roiland with any involvement in the popular series Rick and Morty. Despite voicing the main characters, Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith, Roiland will no longer be involved with the project. Adult Swim has not yet announced who will be replacing Roiland as the voices.

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