Is FIFA 23 down today (September 13)? 

Is FIFA 23 down today (September 13)? 

FIFA 23’s servers seem to have run into an unwanted issue if reports on social media and Twitter are to be believed. As of writing, many players from different parts of the world have stated some of the common issues they’re having while accessing Ultimate Team. EA Sports has officially made a post as well acknowledging some issues, and it’s one of the main reasons why many players cannot play Ultimate Team currently.

The servers of FIFA 23 can sometimes run into trouble due to unforeseen conditions. When it occurs, it creates major issues for players, especially in Ultimate Team. The exact cause of the current problem remains unknown, but it has resulted in some severely problematic outcomes.

FIFA 23’s latest server issues have triggered some infuriating glitches

While EA Sports has acknowledged the problems on hand, a potential solution hasn’t been stated yet. The problems are on the server side, and it’s random as well. However, players are unable to start matchmaking in the proper way due to the issues. Moreover, many users have also reported that they can’t open packs normally.

Interestingly, there’s a potential coin glitch that might be active as well. It has resulted in players multiplying their available coins. Readers are advised to refrain from such activities as it could result in an account ban ahead of EA FC 24‘s upcoming launch. Moreover, FIFA 23 only has a few days left, and it won’t make practical sense to engage in such activities.

A SBC glitch has also been triggered, which has allowed players to complete as many tasks as they want. While the task is completed, the submitted cards will remain in a player’s inventory. Hence, players can complete as many SBCs as they want without costing anything.

It’s unclear when things in FIFA 23 will return to normalcy. Most of the glitches have been utilized by users on the web app, as the game’s Ultimate Team mode isn’t working for most. Readers are advised to follow We and the game’s official account for all the latest news.

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