Intel discusses Arc graphics and optimizations for legacy and modern APIs

Intel continues to ramp up marketing efforts for the Intel Arc. Earlier this week, Intel uploaded a new video discussing Arc A750 GPU benchmarks and performance versus RTX 3060. Now, in the new video, Intel continues to control Arc expectations by discussing graphics APIs.

In the latest video, Intel Head of Graphic Marketing Ryan Shrout and Tom Petersen were joined by Tom Petersen to talk about the deprecated APIs and the differences between them and the newer ones.

In the A750 graphics test, Intel used DX12 games, showing that Arc works well with modern low-level APIs such as DX12 and Vulkan, which provide a closer connection between the GPU and the game. However, DX11, DX9, and other legacy APIs don’t have the same level of resource management, which means there’s a heavy load on optimizing drivers for these games.

The pair explains that Intel still has a lot of software work to do to optimize performance in many PC games. We should hear more later this month as Intel will publish another performance-focused video detailing its upcoming desktop graphics cards.

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