Intel NUC 12 with Arc Dedicated Graphics Ready to Launch

Several retailers have listed the Intel NUC 12, a next-generation mini PC that will feature the brand’s own dedicated graphics, the Arc series, as its main novelty. Although Intel has not officially announced these models, orders from retailers indicate a release in a few weeks.

Intel will release at least three new series of these minicomputers with Arc graphics cards: Dragon, Alder and Serpent Canyon. We’re talking about dedicated M-series graphics (designed for laptops), as desktop versions will be reserved for “extreme” models that aren’t on sale yet.

The Intel NUC 12 “Serpent Canyon” will arrive first, likely in September, and is targeted as a high-performance, gaming-focused version. Where so far Intel has paired its processors with dedicated graphics from other vendors (mainly NVIDIA), this model aims to “keep it all at home” and, by the way, take advantage of the company’s return to the dedicated market.

Thus, we will have really powerful configurations, such as the one that forms a Core i7-12700H processor with an Arc A770M GPU. Processor – 45W chip, 14 cores and 20 threads, clock speed up to 4.7GHz, GPU – mobile version but more powerful with 32 Xe cores, 32 ray tracing units, 512 execution units and 16GB GDDR6 dedicated memory.

With these components, the equipment should provide very good performance. It is logical to assume that while maintaining its compact dimensions, it is larger than a typical NUC (12 cm) and is expected to occupy a volume of 2.5 liters. Its connectivity options are quite good, and it will include the following front and rear:

Prices at retailers like Provantage range from $1,041 to $1,470.

Undoubtedly, the official prices set by Intel will be restrained rather than cost-effective. In return, the user will get home several NUCs that are the best mini PCs in the industry, standing out for their component integration, compact size, performance, and good connectivity. All NUCs can run Windows and Linux.

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