In Lost Ark, where can I find the Amethyst Shard Exchange Merchant?

In Lost Ark, where can I find the Amethyst Shard Exchange Merchant?

Most MMO games include a variety of currencies that players may acquire and trade for game things. Lost Ark offers a plethora of currencies, maybe more than most of its sibling games. Gamers may become confused about where and what they may spend their points on. For example, you may have Amethyst Shards early on, but there will be no place to use them. You probably have some in your inventory but can’t find a merchant that takes them. This is due to the fact that Amethyst Shards are a late-game currency in Lost Ark, and the merchant is only found much later in the game. The Amethyst Shard Merchant may be found in Lost Ark.

In Lost Ark, where can you find the Amethyst Shard Merchant?

Even though you will be able to collect the cash, the merchant who would exchange Amethyst Shards for things is not present throughout the early and mid-game phases of Lost Ark. But, as you progress and access late-game areas in Arkesia, you will be able to find the Mysterious Man, also known as the Amethyst Shard Trade Merchant.

There are four key sites where you may locate the merchant. The most prominent place is in North Vern, which you’ll most likely visit at that point in the game. Apart from that, you may locate the merchant in Nia Village in Punika, Rothun in Rohendal, and Luterra Castle in East Luttera, which is perhaps the most handy of the four.

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How can you obtain Amethyst Shards in Lost Ark?

You’ll need some Amethyst Shards to trade with the merchant and obtain his powerful wares. While you may have some, they will not be sufficient. The majority of shards may be obtained through achieving accomplishments in the game. People Person accomplishment for a 50-player buddy list, First Step, Light’s Call achievement for complete the Prologue without skipping, and many more simple milestones can win you a big amount of shards.

You may also receive them via Amazon and Twitch Prime Gaming bundles and drops on a more frequent basis. If you have linked your Lost Ark account to Twitch, you can frequently earn currencies such as Amethyst Shards for simply being there.

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