Without a doubt, video games are the category that attracts the most attention of an infinite number of users in the new Web 3.0, where they will be able to create their addresses and wallets and carry out exchanges and operations in the games that allow it, which is estimated to be the people’s response.

The world of video games goes hand in hand with cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, it has been affected by the significant drop that you have experienced lately, leaving in doubt its credibility and financial profitability; according to this, users have been hesitant to participate in games since the profits obtained are not very significant. The official repository for trading activities is the website, so if you want in on the action, you’ll need to go there.

Influence of crypto price variability on video game platform

The digital economy worldwide has significantly been affected during this year due to armed conflicts and negative speculations, which are the most prominent in the falls of cryptocurrencies, which are currently in a moment of Recovery.

In the case of bitcoin, we can say that it is currently stable with a value of 20,000 dollars per unit, which makes it the digital crypto active preferred by users. Moreover, an increase in it has been announced on exchange platforms, capturing the intention and interest of users again participating in the world of video games.

New possibilities give strength to video games.

All this is being left behind, and the doors to the future are opening where the Gaming Blockchain is presumed to be the beginning of a new era for video games, over time the CEO of Wall Street affirms that it will be possible to reach a capitalization of 10 million dollar market and next to the metaverse

Play video games to Earn are enjoying a glorious season, which is being taken by the Blockchain Gaming platform to provide a better set of properties when the user is going to interact in the graphical environments of the games, leaving aside the profitable approach that can be obtained from these games.

For example, the video game BFK Warzone is part of the strategy mentioned above; this game consists of a multifunctional shooter and can be used on Android and iOS systems.

Angry Birds is also a widely accepted video game where players experience experiential emotions in 3D reality; they can also acquire weapons and special abilities, which can be paid with NFT within the platform.

BFK virtual game will be the issuer of its autonomous token known as BFK Utility Token, which will be ready to be launched at the same time as the video game, offering the possibility of a total and generalized experience to users since they will be able to have everything on the same platform as the game.

These Tokens are considered the unique digital currency of the game used in the acquisition of NFTs and earned by meeting the demands of each level within the game.

Ways to know and acquire the most popular video games

These games can now be purchased at the official address of BFK, where you can see a lot of detailed information to understand better the origin of each game, such as development, certification, awards obtained, etc. so that users who acquire this soaked and thoroughly know the functionality and operability of it.

Said web pages offer the possibility of paying for the games in digital currencies or digital currencies of typical use so that users at the time of making the purchase are not affected by limiting payment protocols.


The area of digital games, over time, has been the most coveted by a large number of people regardless of gender and age, which makes it a future vision for blockchain technology since the idea of being part of video games will be able to make themselves known and show that through the use and interaction with them, economic profitability is also possible.

This advantage is very attractive for minds that want to play and win simultaneously, which has been considered a possibility of maintenance for many who use their free time to distract themselves in this way and simultaneously obtain some extra profit for their Personal life.

Cryptography, in general, through its best invention, such as digital currencies, offers endless possibilities to obtain profits and improve the financial situation of any person.

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