Elon Musk proposes to reduce the price of Twitter for bots

The Elon Musk soap opera with Twitter does not stop and every day gives more and more room for speculation about the mental springs activated in the heads of the participants in this operation, especially Musk, of course. And if, in his own words, his motivation for buying Twitter is to ensure freedom of expression (although he later allegedly pays millions of dollars to try to prevent certain information from being made public), avoid censorship and force its algorithm into the public domain. His behavior doesn’t seem to be particularly consistent with his statement of intent.

As you already know, if you’ve been following episodes of this soap opera, Musk criticized Twitter, then he expanded his stake in Twitter, then he wanted to join the board of directors of Twitter, he didn’t like the conditions that were required for this, then he announced, that he wants to buy Twitter, then continued to criticize Twitter, then reached an agreement on the purchase, and then postponed the deal due to a problem with the bot.

What’s new in this regard is that Musk is now raising the possibility of Twitter’s purchase price drop based on actual bot volume, as we can read in Business Insider . He does not name a specific economic figure, but states that the real volume of fake accounts and bots reaches 25%. So if we apply that percentage to the price agreed in the sale and purchase agreement, we can extrapolate that Musk’s intention is to take over Twitter for about $33 billion.

This is no doubt a major stumbling block, as it was shown during the negotiations that the current board of directors emphasized both Musk’s liquidity to pay for the purchase and its economic value. Now, of course, Musk would have to first prove that the volume of bots is what he states, not what the company claims. And he achieved this goal by convincing the board of directors and current shareholders to accept this price reduction.

The first seems complicated, the second even more so, especially considering that some shareholders were afraid to buy even at the initial price. And so, despite the fact that quite a few people have been rubbing their hands for several weeks now that Twitter will become under the control of Musk, there are more and more elements that encourage us to think that this will not happen in the end, and that all the farce will not be. was more than just another performance to which we have become accustomed.

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