IKEA is launching an augmented reality app that can wash our furniture and view its own.

While many prefer to visit physical stores to see furniture first hand, more and more users are making all their purchases directly online. And although IKEA has had a local tool for several years that allows us to configure furniture in a shared virtual space, now the Swedish company has gone even further.

Using this technology, and also thanks to the additional use of augmented reality, we can now see how the company’s furniture will look right in our home using the IKEA Kreativ app . This tool is currently only available for iOS devices. Using a LiDaR scanner, this tool can scan our rooms and create 3D copies of them, even allowing us to erase our own furniture to create completely open spaces to be able to preview new furniture. easily. ease.

However, we will also have an alternative for other users to use the app directly through the IKEA website from any device. To do this, we only need to upload a series of photographs of the room in question that we want to recreate, which are “automatically processed and assembled into an interactive wide-angle copy of the space with accurate dimensions and perspective.” as explained by IKEA itself in its press release.

From there, thanks to the artificial intelligence developed for this application, we will be able to remove existing furniture and place new IKEA items, quickly try out alternatives, and completely design a room. In addition, we can save any of our projects to continue or edit them at any time, and even share or print them. Naturally, the application also allows you to add the desired parts to the basket.

However, if you’re not comfortable sharing these images of your home, IKEA has also unveiled 50 new 3D showrooms that will allow us to explore most of its catalog virtually to try products in 3D configurations, freedom to move icon, rotate, fold and even hang on walls. .

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