Microsoft Flight Simulator Players Can Now Buy PMDG DC-6

Microsoft announced that the PMDG DC-6 aircraft is available for purchase in Microsoft Flight Simulator for $ 54.99. The firm said the current price is just a special selling price, which will later be bumped up to $ 69.99. The package includes variants DC-6A and DC-6B, which are cargo and passenger aircraft, respectively.

Microsoft said the new aircraft is feature rich and detailed. It was based on one of the last remaining PMDGs in the world, DC-6, which can still fly. The cockpit, instrumentation, flight performance, vibration characteristics and mechanical systems were all matched to the real aircraft, making the experience more realistic.

The package includes a virtual PMDG flight engineer who can sit and let you complete all flights or take over systems, checklists and engine control tasks if you want to do less work. To help you get started, the PMDG Simulations YouTube channel has created a playlist to help players get started with flying.

If you are interested in buying an aircraft for use in Microsoft Flight Simulator, you should go to the web site of PMDG or in-game trading platform of Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace, to place your order. It should be noted that the PMDG website states that digitally shipped items are non-refundable, so make sure you definitely want to buy the plane first.