The player is killed in Skyrim by crouching. Bethesda Leave This Bug Alone

An improved version of TES: V Skyrim in the Anniversary Edition was recently released, and although the first update has already been released for it, you can still run into bugs. Fortunately, one of them is very funny.

Do you know those recordings in which someone pulls out a sword for a split second, and then hides it again, and in the background someone or some object falls into two parts? It is more or less a curiosity captured by the ezioheeagle editor. Probably the key to this amazing martial art is the unique pose.

For some reason, the enemy disappears after a short time when the finish animation starts. It even looks like the player is dematerializing the opponent with their willpower. Not a single atom remained in place. Perhaps one of the main character’s gloves was wearing Marvel Infinity Stones, although I haven’t heard of such a mod in TES VI: Skyrim Anniversary Edition.

I recently reported another interesting point from the Fifth Scrolls. Have you ever seen a giant riding a wild dragon? A video of this huge “Tony Hawk” can be viewed here. Have you met any bugs / errors / glitches in the “millionth” edition of Skyrim? If so, feel free to share your stories in the comments.