Mind Scan Game Heads To Console Premiere Of Xbox Game Pass

On November 30, Mind Scanners (PC, Xbox) will debut as part of the Xbox Game Pass. This is the premiere date for the console release of an unusual mind scan production.

It is impossible not to experience déjà vu when looking at the footage from Mind Scanners. This product has several things in common with the once popular Papers, Please. Here you play the role of a mind scanner that looks for potential individuals that threaten the local community, called the Structure.

Hi. Your application for the Thought Scanner position has been approved. Your task is to diagnose and heal the inhabitants of the Structure. The patient list is long, so don’t waste your time. Soon we will let you see your daughter. ..

– read in the product card on the Steam platform

This retro-futuristic world looks like this because many years ago a meteorite fell, which became a new source of energy. A part of humanity, absorbed in the consequences of this event, isolated itself from the rest of the world, turning into one super machine, and efficiency became the main goal of life.