IDC: smartwatches start to displace wristbands as wearable device shipments up 9.9% in 3Q21

Analyst firm IDC announced that smartwatches have begun to crowd out the usually cheaper smartwatches, as global wearable device shipments as a whole grew 9.9% in the third quarter (Q3 21). IDC said that inexpensive Xiaomi bracelets have recently dominated in portable wrist devices, but have now been pushed out of the top spot, with Apple and Huawei now tied for the top spot.

Commenting on the phenomenon, Jitesh Ubrani, research manager for IDC Mobility and Consumer Device Trackers, said:

“Demand is gradually shifting from bracelets to watches as consumers increasingly want more functional devices and the price gap is narrowing. The number of watches sold for less than $ 100 is now equal to the number of bracelets that have dominated this price point in the past. Growth among Indian and Chinese brands is the leader in the low-cost watch segment, while Apple, Huawei and Samsung hold positions in the high-end watch segment. ”

With regard to the entire wearable device market, which also includes headphones, the data is as follows:

Company Shipments for Q3 21 Market share in 3Q21 Shipments for 3Q20 Market share in 3Q20 Annual growth
1. Apple 39.8 28.8% 41.3 32.8% -3.6%
2. Samsung 12.7 9.2% 11.2 8.9% 13.8%
3. Xiaomi 12.7 9.2% 16.7 13.2% -23.8%
4. Huawei 10.9 7.9% 10.5 8.4% 3.7%
5. Imagine Marketing ten 7.2% 3.3 2.6% 206.4%
Other 52.2 37.7% 42.9 34.1% 21.6%
General 138.4 100.0% 125.9 100.0% 9.9%

Apple’s top spot in the table is quite interesting because IDC noted that Apple saw a huge 35.3% drop in Apple Watch shipments in the third quarter. Fortunately, AirPods and Beats are selling well, keeping the company at the forefront of the entire wearable market.