“I think Helmut got a bit excited” – Max Verstappen plays down speculations of major Red Bull upgrades in Spain

Max Verstappen has turned down the hype that was created around the apparent Red Bull upgrades that the team was bringing in for the Spanish Grand Prix. He mentioned that Red Bull advisor Dr Helmut Marko, who had talked about the upgrades, might have been a little too excited.

Saying that the Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya is a ‘proper’ track, he reflected on his excitement to race down at the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend. The Dutchman was quoted as saying by GPFans:

“I’m also looking forward to this weekend, you know, it’s a proper race track and this is where a formula one car comes alive. I think Helmet got a bit excited as well. So, I don’t know. I mean, we just do our normal program and nothing crazy.”

Dr Marko had hinted that the team was to try ‘something new’ for the race at Barcelona. The team has already been dominating the grid and has set the benchmark this season. It has been hard for any team to come close enough for a battle, and they have managed to win every single race until now, without a surprise.

Max Verstappen has won four out of the six races, and ‘trying out something new’ in a car that is already so strong would have been out of this world. But as the reigning world champion confirmed, it is nothing but their normal test programs.

Max Verstappen feels finding the right setup is crucial in Barcelona

Red Bulls are expected to be the top cars on this circuit, again, but simply because of the layout of the pacing track. It might as well turn out perfect for their aerodynamic setup and the drivers could find another place to extend their lead at the top of the championship.

Max Verstappen, too, believes this. He mentioned that they (the team and him) need to work on the car to find a good balance, which is going to be essential in this layout. He is otherwise confident for another strong weekend this season:

“I mean, we still of course, need to find a good balance. But I think as long as we have a good balance in the car, we, we can have a good weekend.”

While RBR might not be trying something new, Ferrari are set to test their new upgrades on the SF-23. There is a change in the sidepods on of the cars, and it will be interesting to see how they perform.

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