How to reduce the size of your photos without losing quality?

How to reduce the size of your photos without losing quality?

Photos saved in high resolution quickly take up a lot of space on a smartphone or cloud space. Google has a compression tool to reduce the size of images with minimum loss of resolution.

The memory space (expressed in KB, MB or GB) occupied by an image depends on its size (expressed in pixels) but also on its format (jpeg, png, tiff…) and its resolution (in pixels per inch). A high resolution photo can easily exceed 5MB and on a smartphone it weighs around 2MB. This means that you can store a maximum of 5,000 photos in a 10GB space. Unfortunately, reduce the size of its photos generally implies a loss of quality, because the number of pixels is reduced.

With Squoosh, it is possible to reduce the size of photos by up to 70% without loss of quality visible to the naked eye. © Squoosh screenshot 

With Squoosh, Google has an online tool using the latest compression and artificial intelligence techniques that helps minimize quality loss. The application is especially designed for web developerswho want to reduce the loading speed of their pages but it can be used by everyone. Just choose a photo or drag it across the screen and start the process (which can take one to several seconds). The result is quite convincing. A jpeg image can be reduced by up to 70% with little or no difference visible to the naked eye. The photo can be converted into 10 different formats (we recommend that you use MozJPEG, the Mozilla encoder offered by default, for a larger reduction).

Adjust compression settings

The real advantage of Squoosh is to be able to precisely adjust each parameter (compression, grain, quantization…) by clicking on “advanced settings” in the window at the bottom right. It is even possible to modify and reduce the color palette or the diffusion of errors. A clever screen separator allows you to compare the photo before / after, and to adjust the parameters if necessary before downloading the photo in the desired format. The only drawback: the site is quite memory intensive on the computer.