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Slap Battles is a chaotic, player vs. player experience that involves using a variety of gloves, all with their own unique abilities, to take down, and slap the mess out of, everyone in your way! The more slaps you give and players you defeat, the more XP you will earn and, in turn, the more gloves you’ll be able to unlock. Along the way, you may even unlock a few badges, some of which are considered ultra secret! Continue reading below for a brief look at how to unlock one of the secret badges, the court evidence badge.

How to earn the court evidence badge in Slap Battles

As with most secret badges, the description for the court evidence badge is pretty unhelpful—lacking in any kind of relevant explanation or even a hint. The badge’s cover image on the other hand, which depicts a bloody knife in a small evidence bag, does offer a subtle hint that many players may not’ve even picked up on.

Once you’ve spawned into Slap Battles, you should be standing on a small platform surrounded by colorful portals—walk behind the blue portal in front of you and off the right side of the platform.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Now, simply walk underneath the platform. Hidden below it should be a noob NPC with a knife sticking out of it…the same knife from the court evidence badge’s picture!

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

To obtain the court evidence badge, click on the knife. That’s all there is to it! The badge can now be found in your Robloxian’s collection.

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