How to get Shin Godzilla in Kaiju Universe – Roblox

How to get Shin Godzilla in Kaiju Universe – Roblox

In Kaiju Universe, players get to live out their fantasy of being a city-ravaging monster as they destroy structures, gain experience, and fight other Kaijus on the map to assert dominance. Along the way, you can earn experience and G-Cells to unlock various bigger, better, and meaner Kaijus. One of these is fourth form of the fabled Gojira called Kamakura-san, otherwise known as the Shin Godzilla. An evolved version of Godzilla, this beast has a large tail big enough to turn entire blocks into rumble in seconds. Read on to find out how you can unlock Shin Godzilla in Kaiju Universe in Roblox.

How to unlock Shin Godzilla (Kamakura-san) in Kaiju Universe

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To get Shin Godzilla (Kamakura-san) in Kaiju Universe, players need to have 25,000 G-Cells, a level 30 Shinigawa-kun, and a level 30 Kamata-kun. As one can tell, the aforementioned prerequisites can take quite some time to grind out. If you need to farm experience to level up your Kaijus quickly, consider spawning into one of the lesser crowded areas of the server where there will likely be less threat from other players. Once loaded into a game, make a note of the currently active Missions, as completing them grants significant amounts of experience and G-Cells.

Additionally, make sure to invest in your Kaiju’s Skill Points to grant them bonus attack, defense, and regeneration stats. After completing levelling up both your Shinigawa-kun and Kamata-kun to level 30, grind out the destruction of buildings in areas like Tokyo and Prometia to earn G-Cells fast.

Shin Godzilla (Kamakura-san) Attacks and Stats in Kaiju Universe


  • Cataclysm
  • Devastation
  • Deicide
  • Thermal Flame / Atomic Breath
  • Searing Breach
  • God Incarnate
  • Death Arrival
  • Evolutionary Boon


  • Height: 118m
  • Length: 333m
  • Weight: 92,000 metric tons


  • Health: 5125/6406
  • Regen Rate/s: 1.015


  • Sprint: 20/27
  • Walk: 11/14
  • Swim: 90/121


  • Regen Rate/s: 1.03
  • Max: 1.06

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