How to Get Shards in COD Mobile

How to Get Shards in COD Mobile

Cosmetics are all over the place in COD Mobile, and one of the lesser-known ways to collect some Operator skins is by using Shards as a crafting material. However, getting a hold of Shards is more complicated than most features, and I’m here to explain them in this guide.

Call of Duty Mobile – How to Unlock Shards

You can unlock Shards by spending Clan Credits in the Clan Store. Shards themselves are exclusive to the Clan store in COD Mobile, and that means you have to participate in the system to start earning points. Each Shard in the Clan Store will cost 500 Clan Credits, and that is just the start.

The Clan Store itself is found in the main menu at the bottom center of the screen. You can see the tab for the store next to Loadouts and the Leaderboard, and once you open up the Clans section, there is a store option on the top left side of the screen. Any Shards you have saved up can be unlocked in this section.

If you aren’t already enlisted in a Clan, there is an option to quick join one. COD Mobile will automatically throw you into a clan with plenty of other players, and you can start looking through the store. I was able to join and search the store within a minute, so it’s a super quick process.

Each Shard in the Clan Store will cost 500 Clan Credits, but it doesn’t stop there. 100 Shards are required for a Seasonal Operator skin to craft the whole item. After the Season comes to an end, your Shards and Clan Credits can disappear, so you have to act fast. Compete in Clan Wars for more credits, and in turn, more Shards in COD Mobile.

Make sure to bring a decent weapon into your Clan Wars, and for that, I recommend the best M13 Loadout in COD Mobile.

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