How to get and use Whispering Keys in Diablo IV

How to get and use Whispering Keys in Diablo IV

Looting is a big part of Diablo IV, as you have to get your hands on as many useful items as you can. The majority of loot comes from defeating enemies, and you can also find chests throughout the map. However, there are some special chests in the game which are locked. To open them, you will need Whispering Keys. If you’re having trouble finding them, continue reading as we are going to explain how to get and use Whispering Keys in Diablo IV.

How to get Whispering Keys in Diablo IV

Unlike most of the other items in the game, the Whispering Keys can not be picked up as regular loot. You can not acquire them by killing monsters or opening chests. Instead, they can only be bought from the Curiosity Vendor. To meet him, you need to go to the pouch icon on the map. The vendor has plenty of items for sale, and you can purchase the Whispering Keys from him for 20 Obols each.

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Obols aren’t difficult to get in Diablo IV, as they can be earned by participating in special events. These events can be found on the map and are denoted by orange diamonds. All you have to do is complete the event to earn plenty of Obols. Once you have enough of them, you can head over to the vendor to purchase the keys.

How to use Whispering Keys in Diablo IV

As for how to use them, you will need to find Silent Chests. These Silent Chests can be found at different spots on the map. If you end up finding a Silent Chest but don’t have a Whispering Key, we suggest you use the Town Portal to quickly teleport to the nearest city and purchase one from the vendor. Once done, use the key to unlock the chest. The best part is that Silent Chests will also reward you with some gold in addition to items.

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