How to Get All the Swords in Roblox’s Fruit Warriors

How to Get All the Swords in Roblox’s Fruit Warriors

Fruit Warriors is an anime-inspired Roblox game. In this game, you go from island to island to complete quests and fight enemies. There is a lot of grinding in the game, and you have to beat a lot of bosses to get better gear. You can also find loot by going to different islands and talking to NPCs. This loot also has weapons, and there are a lot of swords among them.

How to find all of Fruit Warriors’ swords

In Fruit Warriors, you can choose from a total of seven swords. Here’s how to find them and where:

  • Katana: The Katana is the most simple sword you can buy to start with. On Rookie Island, the first skill costs 5,000 Beli and 15 Mastery.
  • Shinsen: The Shinsen is a better Katana than the original Katana, but it costs a lot more than the original. You can buy it for 1,200,000 Beli from Snow Island if you have 40 Mastery in the first skill and 90 Mastery in the second.
  • Nameless Katana: It’s funny that this Katana is called “Nameless Katana.” This is one tier higher than the last one. It costs 1,600,000 Beli and 40 Mastery for the first skill and 90 Mastery for the second. Desert Island is where you can buy it.
  • The Night Katana is the first Katana you can get from Anubis The Bone Keeper on Desert Island as a drop. For the first skill, you need 60 Mastery, and for the second, you need 120 Mastery.
  • Sawshark Blade gets its name from the fact that it looks like shark teeth. On Arena Island, you can get this sword from the Sawshark Boss. For the first skill, you need 30 Mastery. For the second skill, you need 70 Mastery.
  • Seastone Baton: You can get this baton from the Smoke Boss on Fallen Island. It has smoke power. To use this weapon, you need 30 Mastery for the first skill and 80 Mastery for the second.
  • Yoru: This is the Fruit Warriors’ most powerful sword. You can only get this sword if you pay 1499 Robux for the Yoru Game Pass. For the first skill, you need 0 Mastery, for the second skill, 50 Mastery, and for the third skill, 100 Mastery.

These are all the swords you can use in Fruit Warriors right now. We’ll let you know as soon as the game gives you more swords to use.

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