How to fix Destiny 2 “One moment please” error

How to fix Destiny 2 “One moment please” error

Players might experience errors on the release days of Destiny 2 updates, including being put into a queue when they try to log in. Similarly, on a patch day, you might face the “one moment please” error while entering the game, and in this guide, we will explain the reason behind the appearance of this problem and how you can fix it.

Can you fix the Destiny 2 “One moment please” error?

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If you are getting the “one moment please” error in Destiny 2, this means that a massive number of players are trying to log into the game at the same time, and the servers are incapable of holding everyone. The last time this happened was because of the launch of the Lightfall expansion and Season of Defiance. Dedicated fans and lapsed players who hadn’t touched Destiny 2 since The Witch Queen returned to get into the new location and advance the main storyline, and many wanted to get a head start on Season of Defiance too.

The “One moment please” error means you have been put in a queue by the game, and unfortunately, there is no fix to this problem. It’s a safety measure Bungie has implemented to ensure Destiny 2 remains stable. More players will be allowed to enter the game over time as team members work to spread the load on the Destiny 2 servers. As the error message advises, you should remain on this screen and wait for the servers to free up so you can jump into the game. There’s no telling how long this might take, so you should find something else you can do in the background while you’re waiting.

During the Hotfix update for Destiny 2 on 8 March, players began experiencing login issues after a maintenance window. Bungie started disabling their services while investigating the problem of players being unable to access the game. While this issue is ongoing, players will have to wait for Bungie to rectify this before being able to play again.

In the past, we’ve experienced short and long periods of waiting in these queues. For major expansions like Lightfall, the queue time tends to be long because many players return to the game for the new story beats. The queues tend to be shorter for smaller, seasonal updates since not all players will hit the new season on the day of its release.

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