How to Defeat Fumebeak in Wild Hearts

How to Defeat Fumebeak in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts! A perfect game when you get sick of Monster Hunter and decide to try something “new”. Omega Force’s action RPG about, well… hunting massive monsters, didn’t have an overly explosive launch but hey here we are, we are playing it – and so are you! So let’s find out how to take down that annoying overgrown toxic crow. Check out the guide below for tips and tricks on how to defeat Fumebeak in Wild Hearts.

How to Defeat Fumebeak in Wild Hearts?

Fumebeak is a flying raven-like monstrosity of a bird that bathes players in toxic miasma to weaken them before attacking, you will most likely encounter it in Harugasumi Way, Fuyufusagi Fort, and Akikure Canyon. As it seems this demon bird is not immune to its own toxic emissions so let’s find out how to put it out of its misery.

Weapons that work best against Fumebeak are the ones that can do Lunge attacks, combine them with a gear with Wind protection, and you will be ready to go. But first, let’s check this enemy’s attributes and weaknesses.

Fumebeak Attribute Effectiveness

  • Wood: 3/5 Stars
  • Fire: 2/5 Stars
  • Water: 3/5 Stars
  • Wind: 1/5 Stars
  • Earth: 4/5 Stars

Fumbebeak Ailment Effectiveness

  • Poisoned: No effect
  • Ablaze: 3/5 Stars
  • Fatigued: 3/5 Stars
  • Frozen: 3/5 Stars
  • Entangled: 3/5 Stars

Weak Spots and Tactics for Fumebeak in Wild Hearts

As for the weak spots, that would be the head, followed by the wings and body, while you shouldn’t bother hitting it on its legs and tail. So, just go for the head when you have the chance to get close, and while the bird is in the air hit it with arrows from the Repeater Crossbow. The biggest problem is when Fumebeak gets angered it starts to leave poison behind, and if it catches you it is usualy an insta-death, so try to avoid it at all costs, keep shooting arrows and hitting it on the head with heavier weapons when you get the chance.

Successfully downing a Fumebeak will reward you with a lot of useful materials that can later be used to craft new things you can equip, not unlike in some other games where you hunt monsters to turn them into pants, food, and weapons. So, good luck in your monster hunting, I mean wild heartin’ out there.

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