How to crop a simple object in seconds?

How to crop a simple object in seconds?

Want to crop a simple object, but you don’t know anything about image editing? This is no problem, because Trace does everything for you in seconds. Futura explains how to use this very convenient online service.

When you start to get interested in editing and retouching images, it quickly becomes necessary to master what is called clipping. This can be defined as the process aiming to retain only part of an image by separating an object and the background of the image, that is to say by precisely delimiting the contours of said object.

Usually, clipping is done using specialized software like Photoshop, GIMP, Pixlr, etc. If you want to get serious about retouching images or photos, do not hesitate to read our article devoted to the best software of this kind.

Simple clipping can be done by a beginner with editing software, but it will still take some time. Futura explained to you how to proceed with Photoshop and with GIMP a few months ago.

Today, there is a free and much faster solution to accomplish the same operation, since it only requires a few clicks: Trace. This online service is offered by a site offering personalized stickers, labels, magnets, badges and packaging. If registration is required, no personal information other than your email address is required and your hand is not then coerced into placing an order.


First, follow the link below in order to access Trace:

Once on the home page, click on “Registration” at the top right

Register or log in if you already have an account. © Sticker Mule 

On the registration page, enter a name, your email address and a password, then click on “Registration”. You also have the option of signing up directly with your Google account.

Fill in the necessary fields. © Sticker Mule 

A confirmation email is sent to you. Access your mailbox, open the message and click on “just confirm your email”.

Confirm your email address by clicking on the link. © Sticker Mule 

A web page opens in your browser. It tells you that your email address has been validated and you go directly to your account page.

You are logged into your account when your email address has been verified. © Sticker Mule 

How to crop an image with Trace?

You can now return to the Trace home page, still following the same link as before:

Normally, you are already logged into your account. You must then click on the “Upload a photo” button.

Click on “Upload a photo”. © Sticker Mule 

The File Explorer appears. Navigate through your folders, select the image on which you are going to perform the clipping, then click on “Open”.

Choose the image to crop. © Microsoft 

It only takes a few seconds to process your image. Trace automatically detects the main object and cuts it sharply.

The image no longer has a background. You can store it on your computer by clicking on “Download” and use it by embedding it on another image.
Otherwise, before downloading, you also have the option to edit it by adding a background image or setting a background of a solid color.

Download the cropped image or edit it first. © Sticker Mule 

You arrive on a new page. Click on “Download the whole image”. Note that you can also share the image on Twitter or Facebook.

Click on “Download the whole image”. © Sticker Mule 

A small window appears. Select “Save File” and click “OK”. The image is saved in your download folder (by default “This PC > Downloads”).

Save the file to your computer. © Microsoft