How to Become a Receptionist in BitLife

The receptionist job in BitLife is one of the simpler ones you can pursue. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy to find. Thankfully, you can avoid jumping through too many hoops or getting through years of university to land the role. Nonetheless, it isn’t a cakewalk either, and we’re here to help you throughout the journey. If you’d like to learn more, continue reading to find out how to become a receptionist in BitLife.

How to Become a Receptionist in BitLife

Before becoming a receptionist in BitLife, you’ll have to age up your character to 18 and make sure they graduate high school. While you don’t have to worry about having high smarts for college or university, you’ll still have to get through secondary school without dropping out or getting a criminal record. Fortunately, this also means you don’t have to worry about student loans, although you may have other expenses if your character has children, a house or a car to take care of.

After graduating high school and turning 18, check the full-time job list and scroll down until you find the receptionist position. It’ll appear with the receptionist title, a desk bell emoji and a corporate tag next to the name. Since it has a relatively low starting salary, you’ll have to scroll to the bottom of the list to find it. If it doesn’t appear immediately, though, you can either age up or close and reopen the BitLife app before rechecking the list.

Once you spot the career in the list, apply for the position and pass the interview to become a receptionist! From here, you can head into the occupation menu, check out the job and even look at the list of co-workers if you need to.

BitLife is available on Android and iOS devices. To learn more about the game, check out our full catalog of BitLife guides by clicking the tag below!

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