How to be born in California – BitLife Guide 

The main highlight of BitLife is the various customization option available for your character. Though it’s a text-based simulation game, you can customize almost everything from the appearance to its birthplace. On that note, several BitLife challenges like the latest Nine to Five or Hollywood Hustler demand players to create a character out of California. By default, the game does not allow you to choose a state as your birthplace. So, you must pick any famous city like Los Angles inside that state to finish the objective.

How to create a character out of California in BitLife

So, depending on your challenge, choose the gender of your character. For example, if you want to finish the Nine to Five challenge, you must create a female character out of California.

After picking your gender, choose any of the following cities as the birthplace of your character.

  • Los Angles
  • San Diego

Once you have picked a city, hit the Start Life button to begin your game. After creating the character, the game will immediately mark the first objective of your challenge as complete. Now, you can go ahead to complete the rest of the tasks in the challenge. Also, make sure to pick unique traits for your character in case you have the god mode DLC, as they would help in finishing most of the challenges in BitLife quickly.

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