How much does it cost to watch the 2023 F1 Monaco GP from a yacht? Exploring the prices

How much does it cost to watch the 2023 F1 Monaco GP from a yacht? Exploring the prices

One of the most luxurious locations to watch the race is Monaco’s Port Hercule. It is usually filled with yachts and is the most expensive location for spectators.

According to Wired, if a fan wants to watch the Monaco GP from a yacht, they will have to pay around $22,000 per couple to spend the race day on a yacht. Of course, it won’t be an ordinary boat. It is an 181-foot turquoise yacht that is worth $30 million. This particular yacht is moored in the iconic Quai Kennedy area, where drivers zoom out of the tunnel just before the chicane.

The $22,000 package includes all four days of the race weekend, with an open bar and dining. Along with that, it will also host a royal party on Friday evening, where His Highness Prince Albert II will be the chief guest. Of course, it will have various other amenities that will be accessible as well.

The price tag itself proves how luxurious life in Monaco is, especially during race weekends.

George Russell not overconfident of Mercedes new sidepod upgrade package for 2023 F1 Monaco GP

Since the Emilia Romagna GP was canceled due to adverse weather conditions and floods, Mercedes have planned to bring in a brand new upgrade package for the Monaco GP. Surprisingly, one of the new parts is a proper sidepod, which will finally grace the W14.

However, George Russell recently downplayed the new part and stated that it wouldn’t suddenly make the car win races. Speaking to Sky Sports F1, he said:

“I hope I’m proved wrong, but the sidepods are not the magic [solution]. They tick a box to say there’s no more question marks over the sidepods [but] the magic happens elsewhere.”

The Briton further explained how Mercedes have not been the strongest in Monaco, even during their dominant days. Hence, he is not expecting a massive result and is looking forward to the Spanish GP, where the team will be able to test the new upgrade properly.

“Mercedes generally struggle a little bit more in Monaco. Even during the glory years, Monaco was a bit of a difficult circuit for us as a team as is Singapore, those types of tracks. We’re not expecting wonders this weekend. We’ll focus on this weekend before going to Barcelona with a new baseline,”Russell said.

Mercedes will be taking a slight risk by bringing their new upgrade in the Monaco GP, simply because it is both a different and a difficult track to gauge an upgrade in.

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