Back to the Future II Hoverboard Sold for Half a Million Dollars

Have you dreamed of a hoverboard from Back to the Future II? The original set of props was recently sold for “only” half a million dollars.

There were many great inventions in Back to the Future Part 2, but none of them seemed to stimulate the imagination as much as the hoverboard. Mattel, responsible for its creation, even tried to sell replicas of the gadget – but today we are talking about the original hoverboard.

The original prop used on the set of Back to the Future II recently appeared at auction in London’s Prop Store. In this part of the series, Marty is in the future – although, as we already know, the predictions for 2015 did not come true. Running away from Griff Tannen’s gang, he borrowed the aforementioned gadget from a random girl, a fiercely pink hoverboard. The hoverboard has a new owner who paid half a million dollars for the support.

The hoverboard was originally supposed to cost between $ 80,000 and $ 100,000. Ultimately, however, it sold several times more. The price was exactly $ 501,200. The requisition also included the autographs of Michael J. Fox and Thomas F. Wilson (a descendant of Biff Griff Tannen).

How much would you give for an original hoverboard?