Hitman 3 will receive a number of news. Graphics enhancements, VR for PC and surprises

The creators of Hitman 3 have confirmed that they are preparing new items for the latest adventures of Agent 47. The second year of support for the game has been announced.

Over the next few months, we will see, among other things, new maps, stories, modes and gameplay methods. These are quite classic methods of supporting the game for the last installments of the series, but they will still delight the owners of Hitman 3. But this is not the end.

It has been confirmed that the game will receive ray tracing support on personal computers. We don’t yet know who the technology provider will be, but the fact that we want to add them is the most positive news. Certain locations in the game seem to be ideal for demonstrating ray tracing capabilities.

Hitman 3 is available in a dedicated PlayStation VR version, but we also have good news for players who have the game and VR headset on their PC. The game will receive VR support on personal computers, although specific VR platforms have yet to be confirmed.

Some unexpected update is also planned. It is expected to debut in the spring of 2022. Unfortunately, the details have not been disclosed at the moment, and they will appear a little later.

Check out the second year of support trailer below.

Meanwhile, IO Interactive is preparing a game with 007 in the lead role.