Hideo Kojima shows the work on the new game. Players spot a familiar person

Hideo Kojima posted a photo from his studio showing the work on a new project. The developer has awakened the theories from fans.

The photo posted by a renowned creator likely shows a room in which people are scanned to bring virtual versions of them into the game. This technique was used in Death Stranding and it worked great. However, this is not the most interesting element of photography.

The players spotted a man in a white shirt in the background of the photo. According to some reports, this is definitely Norman Reedus. The argument confirming the presence of the actor on the set is the clothes and hair of the person in the picture. In my opinion, this is possible, but at the same time it is not the only option.

An artist who works closely with Hideo Kojima, Youji Shinkawa dresses very much like Reedus and also has longer hair. Moreover, Shinkawa, like the person in the photograph, wears a silver watch. Norman Reedus can usually be seen without a wristwatch.

So I shouldn’t be surprised that Kojima is definitely working on Death Stranding 2 and Norman Reedus is visible in the photo. On the other hand, Reedus himself indicated that a sequel is in development. For now, it’s best to keep your expectations in check.