Halo Infinite responds to a bug in the game. “I feel everyone’s pain”

Halo Infinite has a serious battle pass issue that I wrote about in my first impressions of the game. One of the developers reviews the criticism of the players and announces important changes to the problematic element of the game.

Jerry Hook of 343 Industries said that the developers are seeing a problem with the pass and will soon resolve it. However, the fixes may take some time.

Yes, I’m still playing Halo (Infinite – Ed.), And I’m all in pain about the progression system. We’ll come back to this next week and it will be at the top of my changelog and my team.

Jerry Hook, head of design at 343 Industries, tweeted.

Currently, the Battle Pass does not reward players for playing well, but for completing special tasks, which prevents players from constantly progressing. A point bonus for each match was also introduced recently, but this did not completely solve the discussed issue.

The developers are working on a solution to a painful problem for players, although we do not know how long it will take to make the necessary fixes. Considering that most of the progression system needs to be changed, I wouldn’t be surprised if we wait at least a few weeks to get a better effect from the amendments.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer is now available for free in beta. The campaign will debut on December 9th and will launch with a full-fledged multiplayer mode.