GTA VI and other new Rockstar games are subject to change. Not everyone will like it

The co-founder of Rockstar Games revealed what the studio’s next games might look like, including GTA VI. The former developer’s prediction will not appeal to fans of humor and less serious stories.

Jamie King says Rockstar may not be putting out such humorous productions. All due to the fact that many high-ranking developers have left the studio. They were replaced by people with a slightly different vision of games. As a result, subsequent projects may become more serious.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the tone (Rockstar games – ed.) Started to change. And maybe it will not be so “sharp” and funny. I just think that now they have more opportunities to do kitsch because they never do it.

Jamie King told Killaz

Jamie King told Killaz

It is too early to tell whether King’s words will be confirmed. GTA VI may still be a few years away and hasn’t actually been officially announced yet. However, in Red Dead Redemption 2, you might feel that Rockstar does great in more serious and mature stories. Who knows, maybe the new Grand Theft Auto will also serve as an emotional story, in which the humor and madness straight from GTA V will only be a tiny part of a darker plot?