Google is improving the way it displays search results when using quotes

Google published an article today about how search results are improved when quotation marks are used as part of a search query.

Initially, using quotation marks allowed you to search for a specific word or phrase, and the results filtered out all other options (for example, “Caesar salad” would not show results for Julius Caesar). The latest updates introduced by Google improve the snippets displayed when displaying search results.

These snippets often show a preview of the page they link to, but previously only showed a selected section of the page. When quotation marks are used in a search, the snippet will now show where on the page that word or phrase is located, as shown in the image below.

Quote in search

According to Google, the reason this hasn’t been done before is because “quoted material appears in areas of the document that are not suitable for creating useful snippets.” But feedback from people who use this search has shown that actually displaying the quoted phrase in the snippet is appreciated and helpful.

One caveat that Google has highlighted is that quote search does not work for local results where listings will be shown with a map, and this is something the company will look into going forward.

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