Google will soon make it easier to set Chrome as the default browser on Windows

Google is working on an easier way to set Chrome as the default browser on modern versions of Windows. As Leopeva64-2 noted on Reddit , the Chromium Gerrit commit describes a new control that will allow Chrome users to set their default browser with a single click.

The current version of Chrome allows you to change the default browser in its settings, but implementation requires you to switch to the Windows Settings app. On the other hand, Firefox has a much more convenient one-click solution introduced by Mozilla in 2021. The same implementation will soon appear in Chrome.

This is how Google describes the code change in Chromium Gerrit :

Make Chrome your default browser. This feature works by browsing URL protocols and file associations associated with general browsing, such as http, https,. html, etc., and directly setting the appropriate registry entries for each of them.

There is no word on when the updated behavior will be available, but you can expect it to appear in the preview channels for testing before the public release.

Changing the default browser caused a lot of controversy after Microsoft made it incredibly difficult to switch from Edge to anything else on Windows 11. Instead of providing a one-click option, the company forced users to change over ten file associations just to do Windows 11 open links in Chrome or any other browser. After significant backlash, Microsoft gave in and fixed the issue. Parts of Windows 10 and 11 are still bound to Edge, but you can change that with the MSEdgeRedirect tool.

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