Google fixes white noise issue in Home and Nest that caused people to lose sleep

A few days ago, reports surfaced that Google had apparently changed the white noise generated by its Google Assistant Smart Display devices and speakers like the Nest and Home. While the sound should be ambient to make it easier for people to sleep or study, the new white noise reportedly had the opposite effect.

As 9to5Google points out , there have been numerous complaints on the Nest forums from angry customers who claim the new white noise has a different pitch, muffled and quiet. People have also noted that instead of looping every hour, it now loops every 10 minutes. Many reports have even claimed that their toddlers, who used to sleep because of the white noise emitted by the speakers, can no longer do so and are demanding that their parents fix the problem.

Thankfully, after days of filing complaints, Google finally fixed the issue plaguing its customers when a company representative replied to a forum thread and said:

Thanks for your feedback here! There was an issue affecting the use of white noise. This is now fixed and works the same as before.

It’s unclear why white noise audio files were replaced with lower quality alternatives, but now that the fix is ​​out, Google Nest and Home customers can breathe a sigh of relief instead of trying to find white noise generators online.