Google introduces second generation Nest Cam starting at $99.99

Indoor Google Nest Cam

Google announced that the second generation Nest Cam is available today. It is a wired camera designed to help you see what’s going on inside your home while it matches your home décor. The cam is designed to be put on tabletops or walls and comes in four colors, Snow, Linen, Fog, and Sand with a maple wood base.

The new Nest Cam starts at $99.99 while the maple wood base version is $119.99. This version also features enhanced HDR on-device processing, ten times more machine learning power than previous versions, and can detect vehicles and people. Google also includes three hours of video history with the ability to set up Activity Zones, which allow the camera to focus on specific areas of your home, without the need for a subscription. If your Wi-Fi goes out Nest Cam also features local storage and holds the footage until your Wi-Fi reconnects.

Nest Cam integrates into the Google Home app where you can control and view the camera anytime. You can also set up the notifications you would like to receive along with Activity Zones. An optional Nest Aware subscription expands your video history to 30 days and a Nest Aware Plus subscription includes 60 days of video history and 10 days of continuous video history. Both subscriptions include Familiar Face detection to identify those you know.