Google Calendar will leave you without goals

If you’re an avid Google Calendar user, you already know what we mean: goals, a feature that the internet giant’s productivity service launched a few years ago to “help” us with our homework. Well, it seems that the invention did not work properly and remained outside the application.

Specifically, it was in 2016 when Google introduced Calendar Goals, and while it didn’t seem like the most revolutionary of ideas, it wasn’t a bad thing. Perhaps, and only perhaps, it was a bit redundant in its application of its style. In any case, little has been said about her since then.

But what are the goals of Google Calendar? we asked ourselves at the time. And in response there was a little of everything: “no events, no reminders, although there may be a little of both. Let’s say you have specific goals that you would like to accomplish, but due to lack of time or organization, you will never get the chance to do so. For example, exercise, learn a language, set aside time for relaxation… No sooner said than done: you set a goal, and the Calendar will take care of finding a place for you in your busy schedule and remind you of it.”

This method of automating the redistribution of “holes” in your spare time, and even doing it with those tasks that are left unfinished, is not something new in productivity software, but Google’s way, yes, it was at least noticeable.

This is how “default Google Calendar goals are displayed, available only in the Android and iOS mobile apps. The fifth option, which is not in the picture, is “organize your time”, a kind of hodgepodge where you can put what you want and don’t fall into other categories.

Whatever the case, the days of the Google Calendar goals seem to be numbered,  as they’ve seen by  looking at the application code, as no one seems to be going to miss them. After all, the service already processes events, reminders and tasks, with the exception of the automation part, which already existed as an independent option when creating an event, but did not materialize due to the difficulty of accounting for all schedules in the user’s calendars.

In fact, if you are a Google Assistant user and have added your reminders this way before, you will also be left without them because they become exclusive to Google Calendar and Google Keep. And it’s that the company is tweaking its productivity software to fit nicely into the new Google Wordspace suite.

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