Gokurakugai chapter 12 release date, where to read, what to expect, and more

Gokurakugai chapter 12 will be published in Shueisha’s Jump Square’s 11th issue on October 3, 2023, at 12 am JST. The upcoming installment of Gokurakugai will raise all expectations as the training session will enter phase 2, with the addition of Nei, who is surprisingly a former student of Ryu, besides Tao.

As asserted by Ryu, the whole point of this training session is to help him prevent himself from turning into a Maga, and for that, he’d need to get hold of his senses.

In the absence of Tao, Alma cannot remove the Stake of Karmic Restraint due to the gripping fear of turning into an uncontrollable monstrous Maga. Thus, how Ryu and Nei help him overcome this fear and adapt to his true self will be an intriguing aspect of the next chapter.

Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers from Gokurakugai manga series.

Gokurakugai chapter 12 release dates and timings for all regions and where to watch

Gokurakugai chapter 12 will be released on Tuesday, October 3, at 12 am PT. Earlier, VIZ Media was the only platform to make the manga available to fans worldwide. However, given its growing popularity, Shueisha’s Manga Plus has also included Gokurakugai in its massive library.

Below are the release dates and timings for Gokurakugai chapter 12 for every region, along with the corresponding time zones:

  • Pacific Time: Tuesday, October 3, 12 am
  • Eastern Time: Tuesday, October 3, 3 am
  • British Summer Time: Tuesday, October 3, 8 am
  • Central European Summer Time: Tuesday, October 3, 9 am
  • Indian Standard Time: Tuesday, October 3, 12:30 pm
  • Philippine Standard Time: Tuesday, October 3, 11 pm
  • Australia Central Time: Sunday, August 4, 4:30 pm
  • Philippines time: Tuesday, October 3, 3 pm
  • Brazil Time: Tuesday, October 3, 4 am
  • Arabian Daylight Time: Tuesday, October 3, 11 am
  • Eastern European Summer Time: Tuesday, October 3, 10 am
  • Mountain Daylight Team: Tuesday, October 3, 1 am

Gokurakugai chapter 11 “Boozer”in summation

After waiting for hours in the training room, Yoki finally introduced Ryu to Alma, his instructor who earlier trained Tao and Nei. Alma’s excitement de-escalated after he discovered his instructor was a drunkard with a nihilistic approach toward life. Since Ryu was down for business, he instantly attacked him without giving him time to be alert.

After declaring the training session was ultimately a fight-to-death match with no rules, Ryu tried to intimidate Alma to make him activate his Stake of Karmic Restraint. Ryu eventually stated that he hates all Maga kind and won’t be holding back against Alma. Despite multiple attempts to strike Ryu, Alma failed miserably.

Ryu tried to ask Alma why he was not pulling out his Stake, to which he replied by saying that he couldn’t in the absence of Tao, who somehow acted as a catalyst. However, Ryu, who knew about his traumatic incident, revealed that he hesitates to pull out the stake.

Ryu took a brief break after advising Alma to gain control over his blood powers rather than allowing them to control him. Outside the training room, Ryu encountered Nei, who was concerned if he considered Alma to be a Maga. To this, he responded by saying he was there to make sure to preserve humanity within Alma.

He eventually revealed the actual reason to Nei why Alma couldn’t activate his Stake in the absence of Tao, which utterly shocked her. Later, they both entered the training room to begin the second phase of the exercise.

What to expect from Gokurakugai chapter 12 (speculative)?

Gokurakugai chapter 12 is expected to continue the training session until Alma manages to get hold of his powers. While Ryu did suggest to Alma that his fears were holding him back, it was clear that the true underlying reasons were far more complex.

As Alma strives for greater strength, his determination will be severely tested. His journey to unlock newfound power will be a critical turning point in the story. These intricacies are expected to be unraveled in Gokurakugai chapter 12.


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