God of War or Far Cry 3? No, this is a mobile game, the developers of which do not know the term “copyright”.

We are all familiar with ads for mobile games that do not reflect what a given position looks like. One production is clearly “inspired” by giants like God of War.

Horizon Zero Dawn has a mobile version? You do not want! It’s just an advertisement for something completely different.

God of War, Horizon, Far Cry and many other “masterminds”

Sometimes advertising for mobile games can be very confusing for you. Some items advertise themselves in a thousand different ways, and in the end it turns out that we just downloaded. .. a copy of Clash of Clans on your phone. Let’s skip the dubious moral – sometimes the concept of “copyright” just doesn’t exist.

One (not the first) Reddit user stumbled upon an ad for Chief Almighty in the form of graphics, which, perhaps, is not related to anything, but is a literal copy with cosmetic changes. The Chinese studio decided to advertise its name using the achievements of the “big companies” in the gaming industry.

The logistics user collected all the graphics that he could find in one place and compared them with the originals. It has long been known that copyright enforcement is virtually non-existent in China, but in theory it could have been theft. After all, who among us would not pay attention to an advertisement for a mobile game that immediately evokes associations with Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War or Far Cry 3?

But the most interesting thing is that the graphic designers put a lot of effort into them. We do not have a simple replacement of a few elements here, but almost completely new images, created only on the basis of what already exists. Many elements are different, but everything looks pretty much the same. So I’m wondering what a possible copyright dispute might look like in light of the law. On the one hand, it is almost a copy, and on the other, it is a separate “inspired” work.

A piquant curiosity is a fact reported by one of the commentators. He claims to have seen the Chief Almighty’s commercials in the form of short play plots. However, these were just excerpts from Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.