Battlefield 2042 chief designer leaves studio. He received “an offer that cannot be refused”

The chief designer of Battlefield 2042 has left DICE. Fawzi Mesmar said goodbye to his colleagues in a special letter.

The news fell into the hands of VGC editor and industry whistleblower Tom Henderson. According to him, Mesmar had long planned to leave, as he received an “irresistible offer” from another team. However, he decided to stay with DICE until the completion of the project.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with some of the best design teams in the galaxy. The amazing work you do inspires me every day. Thank you for believing in me, I hope I did not disappoint.
I received an offer that I could not refuse from another company that kindly waited for me in anticipation of the release (Battlefield 2042 – ed.). (…)

– wrote Fawzi Mesmar in a letter to the participants.
Source: VideoGamesChronicle.

Mesmar has been a Chief Designer at DICE since 2019. He has fought in Star Wars Battlefront II, Battlefield V, and BF2042. Due to the fact that he had long planned to leave the studio, his departure should not negatively affect the further development of the latest hit from the studio Electronic Arts. It is not yet known who will replace Mesmar as chief designer.