Genshin Impact – How to complete the Golden Gliding License achievement?

When you almost have enough for ten pulls, it can be fun to hunt for achievements and earn a couple of extra primogems. Some of the achievements are quite easy to complete and give you five to ten Primogems upon redemption. One such achievement is the Golden Gliding License, which vaguely asks you to “fly a long, long distance at a time.” Here’s how to complete the Golden Gliding License achievement in Genshin Impact.

How to complete the Golden Gliding License hidden achievement in Genshin Impact

screenshot of Genshin's collision map with Starsnatch's rock top outlined
Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

To complete this achievement, go to the top of Starsnatch Rock and look to the east. There is an island in the distance that is not shown on the map. This is your goal. Gliding to this island meets the requirements for distance to reach, but requires wise stamina management.

Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

One way to save your stamina is to use Ember, Colley or Venti in your active group. These characters will reduce their stamina consumption while gliding by 20%, making it easier to fly long distances. In addition, you can place two Anemo characters in a group, which will reduce the total stamina consumption of your team by 15%. If all else fails, you can eat Delicious Mint Meat Rolls, which will reduce your team’s stamina consumption while gliding and sprinting by 25% for 900 seconds.

the area that is far east of Starsnatch Rock, near the map border, is circled.
Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

With these stamina tricks up your sleeve, you can begin your glider journey to this hidden island. Jump from the very top of the Starsnatch cliff and glide to the island in the distance. If you see your stamina drop, eat some stamina-replenishing food like Northern Smoked Chicken or Five Pickled Treasures. With Ember in your group, some delicious Mint Meat Rolls, two Anemo characters, and emergency stamina food, you should be able to reach the hidden island, earning the Golden Glider License achievement.

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